Funiculus is a guitar tuner for the iPhone…similar to those you might by in a guitar store. It listens to you play a note, and it analyzes the pitch of the note and tells you whether you are sharp or flat. Because it uses the internal microphone, it cannot be used on an iPod Touch.

Release notes:

Don’t let the new opening screen fool you. Not too much has changed, except for the new “Nearest Pitch” mode.

The nearest pitch mode allows “hand free” operation of Funiculus. It doesn’t require to know what note you are trying to play…it merely tries to match it to the closest standard note. Of course, this requires you to be somewhat close to your desired note.

There is also a display which shows the note being tuned against. In some cases, the note may be WAY off…don’t worry…it’s trying to tune against an overtone. This is more likely to happen on the lower strings.

The new version (0.22) can be downloaded via the SourceForge page. It will probably soon be released on the ModMyIfone Installer repository as well. (See link in margin.)