Funiculus is a Guitar Tuner to be used with an iPhone.

Release notes:

Funiculus 0.60 is out…it will be on Installer soon (via the source), but until then, here is a copy for those who want to install it manually:

If you do install it manually, be sure to set the permissions. See the previous entry for instructions on how to do this.

For screen shots, take a look at the “Four Faces of Funiculus” entry from a few days earlier. For those updating since the last Installer release (0.50), there are a huge number of changes. For those updating since 0.58, here are the tunings that are now present:

Guitar: Standard
12 String Guitar: Standard
Mandolin: Standard
Banjo: Standard
Ukulele: Standard
Violin: Standard
Viola: Standard
Cello: Standard
Baritone Ukulele: Standard
Guitar: Drop D
Guitar: Open A maj
Guitar: Open C maj
Guitar: Open D maj
Guitar: Open E maj
Guitar: Open E min
Guitar: Open G maj
Guitar: Open G min