ZodTTD is currently working on a Gameboy/Gameboy Color emulator for Apple’s iPhone. Amazingly enough is he made a lot of progress the past two days.


Be sure to refresh your ZodTTD.com beta repo sources, as gameboy4iphone has been updated to v1.1.0.
Much better sound quality highlights this release!
Here’s the changelog:

Changes 1.1.0:
– Fixed performance decreases when scaled on is set. Turning scaling off decreases performance due to hardware scaling usage. Gameplay should be faster than before.

Changes 1.0.0:

– Fixed sound, quality is now nearly perfect.
– [OBSOLETE in v1.1.1] Fixed landscape aspect ratio for scaling.
– Fixed save state files not saving to file correctly.
– Fixed RTC (real time clock), Pokemon should work better now.
– Fixed SRAM (saves on cart) so games now save correctly.
– Fixed some issues with the GUI such as save states not deleting.
– Updated portrait controller skins.
– Hopefully improved performance and compatibility slightly in the process.

This will most likely be the last release before a public version of v1.1.0. Depending on how complete this release is, more betas should follow such as getting framelimiting implemented so things dont run too fast. See ya in the ZodTTD beta testers club!