Gameboy4iPhone, a Gameboy and Gameboy Color emulator for iPhone has been released to the public. There is a small restriction, as it’s currently only available for people using the Cydia installer.


Never heard of Cydia? It’s a quickly progressing package distribution software that is similar in concept to, but better framework than It’s made by Saurik of Saurik has helped me greatly in improving my softwares performance by providing me the tools I truly needed for development. His work is top notch.

I have been adding support to Cydia in addition to I currently have everything implemented, and to begin rolling out my Cydia repo, I am announcing an early release of gameboy4iphone v1.5.0 public for Cydia users.

Once you have Cydia installed, simply goto All Packages and goto the “Z” letter down to ZodTTD Repo. Install my repo and refresh the sources. Then goto “Games” and you will see gameboy4iphone there.

gameboy4iphone v1.5.0 is a brand new version, and first to be seen by the public. It is based on a port of GnuBoy done by yoyofr and Tinnus. It is fullspeed, fully featured, and has nice sound too! It even limits its speed to actual Gameboy framerate if going too fast.

I hope to see some new Cydia users, and people enjoying this limited early release. Although it will be on in the coming days, those who give things a go are more than welcome to share their feedback in the ZodTTD gameboy4iphone forums.

If you like gameboy4iphone and would like to donate, click here and you will get my current and future betas to test.

ZodTTD 🙂

PS: Plenty of free GB/GBC roms can be found here: //files/gameboy/