An updated version of Garf is out. The game concept is equal to “Simon”. Remember a sequence and replay it. The sequence gets extended by one each round – so the things to remember will increase.

Release notes:

Garf version 0.50 should be on Installer at some point in the near future.

Things have obviously gotten bigger in this version…the buttons are elder/child friendly.

Also, there are gaming modes. In addition to “Regular Mode”, there is “Reverse Garf” and “AntiGarf”. There are no instructions for these modes…you have to figure them out yourself. (But “Reverse Garf” should be self explanatory).

There is also some added support for firmware version 1.1.3, as well as for version 1.0.2. (I’m not totally sure it will work in 1.0.2…someone please let me know if it doesn’t).

Apparently, this version of Garf works fine with version 1.0.2.