Geek Hero Comic is a famous web comic strip by Salvatore Iovene. Now, you can carry his master pieces in your pocket!


– More Than Just A Warning
– Hacker’s Funeral
– Vladimir
– The Coffee Mug
– Project Managers Sugarcoat
– Pride Will Be Pride
– PM Caught Cheating
– The Truth About The Financial Crisis
– Old School Business And The GPL
– Working Together
– Ali Zee
– Open Source, On Paper
– Writing Secure Software
– The Reason Behind Most Of YOUR Bugs
– Email Client For Project Managers
– The Shortest Way To A Coder’s Heart
– Priorities
– Open Company
– Premature Optimization
– War
– Undeniable Logic
– The Scheme Is Revealed
– Child Prodigy
– Project Management Explained
– Coding School with Prof. Ross
– Just A Minor Glitch In The Code
– Too Humble Is Half Proud