Here are some more WIP news of ZodTTD’s upcomming Genesis4iPhone:

I finally had time to sit down and work at length on genesis4iphone. After a long run, I changed out the 68000 CPU emulation core, tweaked the audio a bit, and used hardware rotation and scaling for landscape. Combined with some other tweaks and auto-frameskip, genesis4iphone is shaping up very fast! Along with a new icon, and controller skins, this update is much more polished than before.

Now that many games are full speed, it’s time to get videos out of this new version! If you make a nice looking video of it on a service such as YouTube, let me know and I will make it frontpage news.
Not many people know of this emulator yet, as the bigger news outlets haven’t picked up on it. Lets get the word out about genesis4iphone, to make this the biggest public release yet. 🙂