ZodTTD is writing history today. First he released the only existing and public Gameboy Advance emulator for iPhone and to put a little bit of topping at it, it’s the second emulator for foreign systems on iPhone – The first emulated system was the good old NES.

gpSPhone is a GBA emulator based ZodTTD’s port of gpSP to the GP2X. gpSP is a great GBA emulator written by the talented Exophase. ZodTTD ported it to the GP2X, and added an (iPhone/iTouch compatible) dynarec. By using this coding technique, fullspeed performance of GBA is obtained on the iPhone/iTouch.

Things that still need work:
– Compatibility is lower than usual but many games are playable. This is being worked on as a high priority.
– Sound output is disabled, but it IS being emulated. So performance will only get better as this feature gets worked on.
– Auto frameskip might be off. Switch to manual frameskip if needed.
– GUI and instructions need a lot of work.

Plenty of quality (and some non quality) homebrews can be downloaded here from PDRoms http://www.pdroms.de/files/gameboyadvance/