gpSPhone is a GBA emulator based ZodTTD’s port of gpSP to the GP2X. gpSP is a great GBA emulator written by the talented Exophase. ZodTTD ported it to the GP2X, and added an (iPhone/iTouch compatible) dynarec. By using this coding technique, fullspeed performance of GBA is obtained on the iPhone/iTouch.

Release notes:

Don’t let the version 0.0.5 fool you, this is a large update. Thanks to a large amount of help from NerveGas ( author), we now have a much improved GUI and sound! Also some performance fixes were implemented via the default frameskip settings and some dynarec tweaks.

There’s still some work to be done in terms of compatibility/performance, but it’s rapidly improving. And thanks to NerveGas we now have a nice iPhone and iTouch GUI and sound is now outputted!

Be sure to leave comments, and if you decide to make a video, please link to it here! I love seeing these videos.