gpSPhone is a GBA emulator based ZodTTD’s port of gpSP to the GP2X. gpSP is a great GBA emulator written by the talented Exophase. ZodTTD ported it to the GP2X, and added an (iPhone/iTouch compatible) dynarec. By using this coding technique, fullspeed performance of GBA is obtained on the iPhone/iTouch.

Release notes:

Games should run much faster/smoother due to my improvements to the dynarec, and savestates have been introduced. You can now save your progress at any point and resume it later. Due to performance increases and some tweaking of the buffer sizes, the sound has got a bit better. Sound still has syncing issues. Frameskip is selectable as 1-4 and Auto-frameskip.

Quick answers to questions of people having installation issues:
gba_bios.bin IS required at /Applications/
The file “gpSPhone” must have permissions set to 755 or 777 (eXecutable permissions).
Installation instructions are included in the zip as readme_gpSPhone.txt

Please donate if you like this software and wish for it to improve.

Thanks everyone for your support!

– Improved sound quality & buffering
– Improved dynarec performance
– Added support for savestates
– Better frameskip support.

Thanks to ZodTTD himself for the news!

… and don’t forget, plenty of legal homebrew GBA ROMS can be found here: