Just few minutes after the v0.0.6 release, comes v0.0.7!

gpSPhone is a GBA emulator based ZodTTD’s port of gpSP to the GP2X. gpSP is a great GBA emulator written by the talented Exophase. ZodTTD ported it to the GP2X, and added an (iPhone/iTouch compatible) dynarec. By using this coding technique, fullspeed performance of GBA is obtained on the iPhone/iTouch.

Release notes:

After finding someone to help me figure out which games gave the “Right button causing a B button press”, I have been able to fix the issue.

Thanks to ZodTTD himself again for the news and don’t forget to donate him for his excellent port, it’s up to you to see improvements and every single dollar might increase his mood to put more time into this project!

For legal homebrew GBA ROMS visit http://www.pdroms.de/files/gameboyadvance/.