gpSPhone is a GBA emulator based ZodTTD’s port of gpSP to the GP2X. gpSP is a great GBA emulator written by the talented Exophase. ZodTTD ported it to the GP2X, and added an (iPhone/iTouch compatible) dynarec. By using this coding technique, fullspeed performance of GBA is obtained on the iPhone/iTouch. Today there was the magic 1.0.0 release – for sure worth a try!


Changes 1.0.0:
– Switched to using fullscreen landscape view
– Added transparent overlay for improved controls
– Fixed some of my changes back to Exophase’s dynarec code.
– Improved performance in some areas of some games. This may be offset by the more intensive rendering to screen.
– Added 8way dpad support and A+B button (bottom right corner) for combo support.

Pending Issues:
– Screen is a bit faded out from landscape mode controller overlay
– Dropped portrait support.
– The 8way dpad is a little too small for some users. It will be adjusted for larger thumbs soon.
– Save states in some games will crash. Try not to save very early into playing a game to avoid this bug.
– Bugs are bound to be found. They will be fixed as asap.