The donators of ZODTTD’s Gameboy Advance emulator can be happy to have access to the second beta of v1.1.5.

Here is what ZODTTD said on his page:

Hi everyone…

Remember the secret URL for the download of the beta?
Replace the “b1” with “b2” in the URL and download the new Beta 2 version.
If you have issues downloading it, contact me via email.

Not in the beta and want to participate? If you didn’t sign up as a beta tester early on, you can donate via the main menu on the left-side.

Can’t donate? You can make a video of a previous gpSPhone version in action and a video of gpSPhone v1.1.5 Betas when you receive it. Just be sure to email a link to your video at: helpttd [at] pobox [dot] com

New in v0.1.5 Beta 2:
– Fixed some huge memory leaks. These memory leaks caused games to crash when loading, especially when they would work on first boot of Springboard and gpSPhone, but not after extended use (as well as switching ROMs mid-game).
– Changed the skin used.
– Improved “suspend” support. It’s turned on by default. If you don’t like exiting the emulator via the main rom list menu, disable this.
– Set auto_frame_skip as the default.
– Tweaked the sound settings slightly.
– Added an option to enable/disable screen scaling.

Things I’d like to know:
Is this release…
– faster, the same, or slower in terms of performance?
– better, the same, or worse in terms of sound skipping?
– better, the same, or worse in terms of sound quality?
– better, the same, or worse in terms of save state support
– better, the same, or worse in terms of crashing?
– what percentage of your games tested work with suspend mode in this version?

Some games that work well for me always: Super Mario Advance, Super Dodgeball Advance
A game that works well for me but doesn’t support suspend: Mario Kart

Suspend mode will resume a game when exiting the emulator mid-game, via a temporary save state. It seems half my library of games won’t suspend/resume properly.

Awaiting your feedback. Thanks for the support!