News for those who are in ZodTTD’s Beta-Tester-Club.


Those who are in the Beta Testers Club will be in for a treat. A new version of the Nintendo Gameboy Advance emulator for the Apple iPhone and iPod Touch has been released!

What’s new in gpSPhone v1.8.0 BETA:
Better sound quality.
Added gpSP cheat support. GameShark and Pro Action Replay supported!
Added volume control.
Now using Saurik’s version of libgcc in my own lib for improved compatibility and performance.

Yes! Cheats are now supported in gpSPhone! Be sure to share your cheat files here.

If feedback is good from beta testers, a release will be made shortly. In the meantime, I will be fixing up and preparing for a gameboy4iphone public release within a weeks time.