ZodTTD posted some news about gpSPhone, a GBA emulator for the iPhone.


Today I felt well enough to get gpSPhone ported over from firmware 1.1.4 and earlier to 2.0.

I have added gpSPhone v2.1.0 BETA to the ZodTTD Cydia Beta repo for firmware 2.0. ZodTTD.com Beta Testers have immediate access to this release.

While this release is fully functional, I have chosen to release it as a beta as it is fairly untested across a wide range of games.

Here’s what is new:
– Now runs on firmware 2.0.
– No longer blits the controller skin every frame!
– Fixed the sound buffering, though it can still get a bit out of sync.
– Removed code that could make games appear “choppy”.

The GBA BIOS is not included. Remember to add the GBA BIOS, as it is required! Place it at /Applications/gpSPhone.app/gba_bios.bin

For those who know how to use md5sum, gba_bios.bin should be: a860e8c0b6d573d191e4ec7db1b1e4f6

More firmware 2.0 goodness to come!