ZodTTD has updated gpSPhone, a Gameboy Advance emulator, for iPhone.

Release notes:

I decided to work on gpSPhone this weekend for a few reasons. One was that I planned on updating some issues with the UI and controller, and gpSPhone was a good testbed. The second reason was this release could be made very quickly and fit within the timeframe allowed. I plan on updating gpSPhone again fairly shortly with some more improvements and fixes, especially in the user interface and sound output areas.

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I updated gpSPhone to v3.5.0 on Cydia and it is available publicly via the built-in ZodTTD Public Source.


Added the option for disabling sound in gpSPhone. This increases performance, but at the cost of not being able to re-enable it when loading a save state. If you save a game with no sound, load the save with no sound as well, for the added performance boost. I will look into ways of getting sound re-enabled within save-states shortly.
The autoframeskip routine has been improved greatly. Frame limiting to the intended 60 FPS has also been implemented.
ROM and SaveState filename’s text now resizes to fit. About time!
I increased the rate of which the drawing of the screen refreshes at. Things should appear smoother than the v3.0.0 release.
Fixed an issue with the controller not recognizing presses when dragging/moving.