ZodTTD has updated gpSPhone, a Gameboy Advance emulator, for iPhone.

News about the upcomming release:

In preparation for updating the user interfaces on many of my projects this week, I had to update gpSPhone. By updating gpSPhone, I can now go ahead and use it’s new interface for my other emulators on the iPhone & iPod Touch such as snes4iphone, gameboy4iphone, etc… But in order to do that, I had to fix a nasty multitouch issue. It seems by enabling non-legacy user events in gpSPhone, the framerate took a massive 20% dive when more than one finger was touching the screen. Previously I was using legacy mouse events for iPhone dev. That was great until I noticed a mouseUp event wasn’t being called at the correct time. Well luckily by throttling a ’setNeedsDisplay’ call I have reducing the slowdown from 20% to less than 5% of the framerate. It’s now only slightly noticeable in the majority of games.

But I didn’t stop there…

I added an options menu with the following:

Skin Selection: Customize your controller overlays and select one of five choices here.
Scale: Choose whether to scale the screen to fullscreen or not.
Autosave: Save the state for the currently loaded game every 5 minutes.
Compatibility: If for some reason a game does not work, try enabling this settings. But beware as it will slow down games considerably!
Framerate Counter: Choose to enable the framerate counter. The target framerate is 60 FPS. It’s format is in: Framerate – Frames Drawn – Frameskip
I also fixed many bugs and added a few new features such as:

The gpSP game_config.txt is now being processed correctly. If you use a game listed within it, it will run much faster now!
You can now save to your currently loaded save state.
More than 300+ ROMs in a directory is now supported.
When missing or using an incorrect BIOS file, you will now get a textual message instead of gibberish.
The BIOS is now checked for in two directories: /Applications/gpSPhone.app/ and /var/mobile/Media/ROMs/GBA/
Some unnecessary code was removed and improved general performance of gpSPhone.
Many more minor tweaks and fixes.
Grab this public release of gpSPhone via my built-in Cydia ‘ZodTTD Public Source’ in the Games section!

Now we should be ready to update snes4iphone and gameboy4iphone (Gameboy and Gameboy Color emulator)… don’t you agree?

Let me know what you think of this release by commenting below. If you like this release, please consider donating.