ZodTTD has updated gpSPhone, a Gameboy Advance emulator, for iPhone.

News about the upcomming release:

Right on the heels of the gpSPhone v4.5.0 update comes v4.6.0. This update is currently for beta testers.

Keep in mind save states (not battery/cart saves) previous to v4.5.0 will no longer be compatible with v4.5.0 and later. This is due to the change in save state format and data due to the newly used R9 register. I also added the old landscape-mode controller skin for fullscreen gameplay, just choose controller skin 2. Set the scaling option to On for a scaled fullscreen.

When leaving feedback remember to let me know what options you are using as well as the game being tested. Thanks!

As I am trying to respond quickly to issues that have occured in recent versions of gpSPhone, I have updated the following since v4.5.0:

Increased the refresh rate of the screen even further. Note that the more the touchscreen is pressed (such as multitouch) the worse the iPhone performs. This seems to be a hardware/firmware limitation.
I have also tweaked the audio playback some in hopes to improve performance.
I have fixed the Cydia packaging issue that caused gpSPhone to return to springboard upon launching.
Thanks for the feedback so far. While some games are performing poorly, these tend to be games that either require a lot of multitouch input (racing games) or those which requires fundamental changes to gpSP (Golden Sun being the most requested). I’m still trying hard to get games not to plummet in framerate when two or more fingers touch the screen. If it becomes a large enough issue, I will have to go back to legacy touch controls, and be left with a bug in the firmware that doesn’t always report “mouseUp” events. That bug caused the controller issues found in Metroid Fusion as well as games that had buttons “stick”.

Back to work I go 🙂