ZodTTD is about to port the Gameboy Advance emulator gpSP to Apple’s iPhone! Here is what he had to say:

My W.I.P. port of the amazing GBA emulator gpSP (originally made by Exophase), has been given a name. At least until something better comes up, it is being called gpSPhone.

I have got input and the dynarec working. I am cleaning up the controls and making sure it runs ok. I am looking for some people to make a video of gpSPhone “in action”. If you are able to deal with an early build and make this video for me, please be sure to register at zodttd.com and let me know you’re interested via comments. Be sure to use a valid email and/or MSN when signing up. Thanks.

Well it took a few days of figuring out how to get the Toolchain 0.30 for iPhone compiled correctly. I finally got that done about 12 hours ago. Within the past few hours I’ve got gpSP compiled for the iPhone & iTouch. And best of all:


Now the catch is, I still have to implement controls for this port before anything is playable of course. I landed up just skipping the GUI for the file selector and hardcoding a rom path. That will change immediately once I get controls implemented. After that the next step will be sound.

Also keep in mind I am currently using the interpreter for this initial build. I will switch over to the ARM dynarec very shortly.

A huge thanks goes to Exophase for creating his very well made GBA emulator, gpSP. Without it, GBA on handhelds such as this wouldn’t be worth it.

Expect a release of gpSP for the iPhone & iTouch shortly, as in, within day(s).