Ever wanted to misuse your iPhone as piano… soon you will get that chance.

Other notes:

Features are:-
– Multi-touch. Up to five keys playable at once for complex chords.
– Multi-sampled, so each key is a real piano sample.
– Easy change between octaves, and can start at C or F key.
– 4 Octave.
– Animated keys really look like they are being pressed.

Future features MooTheCoo is working on:-
– Stereo 88 key multi-sampled grand piano. This will require finding a sample CD that will legally allow him to do this (!), and using MP3s instead of Wavs (which is pretty tricky on the iPhone at the moment).
– The old 1.1.3 compatability issue. Currently tested on 1.1.1
– Adding some built-in instructions just in case people can’t work out how to use it…
– He is Finding some nice repository to host it

The application is still in development but a video can be found here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ycIjt-ykWRo