iBlackjack seems to reach v1.0 soon.


Thanks to everyone for testing out the early versions of iBlackjack. Your insightful feedback, encouragement and generosity has helped me create a great game. Since all efforts are now focused on making iBlackjack a great commercial game developed under the official iPhone SDK, we had to deactivate the old unsupported versions.

By now I was hoping to know more about when the final version of the game would be available. We originally planned to get it out ASAP in March, but are at the mercy of Apple and their SDK timelines. Since we wont know details of that until late next week, I will have to provide updated details and a date at a later date.

For the past two months I have spent all my time working on improving iBlackjack. Lots of effort has gone into creating a great new polished game. A game that really reflects well of the iPhone/iPod Touch platform. I think it looks great now and I can’t wait to get it into everyone’s hands ASAP. Until then, here is a screenshots of the game as it stands today.