iDope is a drug trading game, where you travel across cities to buy and sell drugs. However, you are not alone, there will be cops and loan sharks coming to get you.

You start off owing the loan shark 100,000 due to your gambling habits. You decided to settle all your debts once and for all. Fortunately, you manage to get 10,000 from your friend, and have been introduced by your friend to 5 drug dealers across the country to deal with. With 10,000 dollars, you begin your quest to import drugs to these 5 places while making huge money out of it.

But will you be able to get pass Officer Bob?


– Jacket storage is limited, you start with 100 and you can upgrade as you go by using the Jacket Shop.
– Your expenses will be higher and higher when you get richer.
– Buttons will no longer “get stuck” when you decide to dismiss your buy or sell requests.
– New events. ^^