iKaromatiX is an “i”-make of the original KaromatiX-game for PC that has been downloaded half a million times since 2004. iKaromatiX combines action and logic. It contains 201 new levels, many different planet backgrounds and four useful powerups.

Your task is to remove all colored stones of a level before the play time runs out. For every level you have three trials to win.

Move a robot at the bottom of the screen. Shoot colored stones against other stones at the top of the screen. When a flying stone hits another stone side by side, it gets caught from this stone. When three or more stones of the same color comes together side by side they explodes. When a flying stone hits another stone directly on the points, it explodes immediately.

Some stones contains extras like bombs, fireballs, timers and more. When this stones explodes and the powerups falls down – catch them with your bot! Use this extras carefully to win a level much easier.