Here it is folks, iLibertyX! Combining the power of iLiberty+, with the ease and style of Mac OS X, we get the single best Jailbreak/Unlock available today. Dive into iLibertyX to reveal its almost unlimited functionality.

With this new sleek GUI, you can choose exactly what you need to get the job done… Whether it be using older jailbreaking methods for phones pre-1.1.4, or setting your new phones free for the first time, you can do it all simply by checking a box. But thats not all, iLibertyX also supports the new PB+J (pepijn’s boot and jailbreak), in other words, jailbreaking your new iPod Touch is now no more than plug and click!

You’re an iPhone/Touch noob? No Problem! iLibertyX isn’t only powerful, its also intuitive. Launch it, and it automatically shuts down iTunes, detects which type of device is connected (iPhone or iPod Touch), and changes the default settings accordingly. Plug and play has just been redefined.