Ste wrote up a note about FW v1.1.4 beeing jailbroken already…

Here is the full next text:

As reported by Erica Sadun over at TUAW, Apple has released the 1.1.4 firmware. No sooner had I posted [a comment on her blog entry] that I thought folks should wait to see what Zibri came up with for a 1.1.4 jailbreak, as I thought his was technically the most correct of the various 1.1.3 jailbreaks, Erica reported that Nate True had run Zibri’s existing 1.1.3 jailbreak on his 1.1.4 iPhone and it worked. Jailbreaking works, but he has not tested activation or unlocking yet, both of which he suspects are broken until Zibri updates “ziphone” for 1.1.4. This is all great news. I recommend that everyone just hold off a little bit, until Zibri has said he’s updated it for 1.1.4 and then go for it. If you check his blog, you’ll see he’s working on doing that, right now. 🙂

Nate reported that after jailbreaking it, thought OpenSSH was still installed, even though it no longer was, and that he couldn’t uninstall it (main script execution failure). I have released an update to OpenSSH that anyone with this issue can update to. If you update to it before you jailbreak your 1.1.4 iPhone, then you should be able to uninstall it ok, via, even though it’s gone, as it will now ignore the error it gets when it tries to stop the now-missing daemon. You can then simply reinstall it. If you already jailbroke it and can’t uninstall it, just upgrade to the new version and you’re all set to go. Nate says the root password is still “alpine”.

UPDATE: In comment #132 on Erica’s blog entry, mentioned above, Zibri says: “I already found everything.. I just need to recompile, check new offsets, do a test and release. Expect a new version in a day.”