is a simple eBook reader for the iPhone. It reads HTML and text files stored in your Media/EBooks folder, and is smart enough to enter subdirectories, if, for instance, you’ve broken a book down by chapters.


New as of version 1.1

PalmDOC and Plucker support, thanks to Zachary Bedell (all the best hackers are named Zachary). Support is somewhat rudimentary at the moment. I hope to implement auto-splitting for these files in particular–at the moment large PDB books are impractical.

Added GIF support to the image-viewing functionality.

Bug fixes.

Rumor has it a new iPhone Software Update will arrive this week. Please don’t forget that is at Apple’s mercy, and it’s very possible that after this update, (and all other third-party programs) will no longer work. (After all, no one’s jailbreaked the iPod Touch yet.) So if you’re thinking of donating, thank you!–but it’s better to wait ’til after the update comes down the pike, in case you’re never able to run the program again. 🙂