iPhOwa is a ASP.Net web application which interacts with Microsoft Outlook Web Access (OWA) via its WebDAV APIs and produces an iPhone friendly interface.

This project came out of the need for an easy way to get corporate Exchange email to the iPhone when IMAP is not an option.


Moved navigation to top so it can be easily reached by tapping the address bar.
Fixed bug in logout where login would fail to properly redirect.
Cleaned up look and feel.
Removed display of HTML content because it often screws up the page formatting.
Changed so attachments don’t open in a new window.
Fixed bug when clicking root folder in folders view.
Improved message inclusion for forward and reply.
Fixed issue where deleted items folder would throw error if it contained items other than message items.
Improved item icon display in lists.
Fixed bug where messages with apostrophe’s in the subject line were not linking properly.