iPhysics is a physics engine for iPhone.

Release notes:

This app is very experimental right now, and some people may not like the changes that I will be making as we go by… This is normal, and when things get more stable, there will be options to enable and disable every feature, and everything you can do now, and could in the past, will be possible. But right now, for those who miss the cleanness and freedom of the 0.2 version, I set up a historical repository that can be added to Installer.app (Please visit the main page for that link).

All versions of all my apps will eventually end up there, and installing an app from there will overwrite any other version installed, as they install always at the same directory. If you overwrite an installed app, just uninstall in and install again and it will be fine… Optionally, you can download the previous versions here: iPhysics 0.2 iPhysics 0.1

Get in in my Installer.app repository: http://iphone.r4m0n.net/repos