iPhysics is a physics engine for iPhone, which slowly turns out to develop into a game.

Release notes:

Well, this one was a big one… I rewrote all the graphics code and cut out SDL, which was more than doubling the app size… Now the graphics can be improved with a little more ease (and right now look a little better).

But more interestingly: Now we have a main menu, where all games will be listed, and right now there is a new mode, the Sandbox, where you will be able to play with all options of the game (just accelerometer use and gravity right now).

And there is the user level created by Rawd at the end of the previous 3 levels (sorry, no more levels in this version, but things are way better now…)

The drawing lines are working again, and looking good. No double tap delete yet, but in the next version it REALLY will be in…

And the shake to erase has been softened, try not to hiccup while playing…

A note for level makers: I rotated the images, so if you have a user level you will need to rotate your image CCW by 90 degrees. There is also some more control in the level packs, take a look at the files…

Get in in my Installer.app repository: http://iphone.r4m0n.net/repos