iSMS is a native SMS application for iPhone, with following enhancements:
– Search your message
– Forwarding received message
– Delete message one by one
– Send message to multi-recipients
– Send contact information via SMS
– Support smilies in Message
– User could create pre-defined texts and append them into message
– i18n support

Release thread at

[UPDATED] – iSMS 1.0-rc1(PXL) is now available for download!

iSMS 1.0-rc1(PXL) is available for download! The installer source is still waiting for STE’s update and I know he’s busy recently, so please be patient.

– To 1.1.3 Users
1.1.3 is is not supported yet. So please don’t install if you’re. It will not work. Why ? well I have only one iPhone(phone and toy as well) I don’t want to take the risk of upgrading it to 1.1.3. That’s it.

– To 1.1.2 Users
Some advanced/cool features is not working on your phone, such as SMS black list, badge update… Why? same reason as above.

– To 1.0.2 & 1.1.1 users
Congrats, I’m sticky on 1.0.2, so sure it will work without any problems. Also I have the chance to debug my app on my friend’s 1.1.1 phone and all features should work also on 1.1.1

– What’s new since 1.0 RC1 ?
* A new helper module(dylib) is introduced and by injecting it into the SpringBoard process, iSMS now can take over the default apple SMS application! (Currently only support 1.0.2/1.1.1)
* Simple but True SMS BlackList?, yes it’s true! No pop up, no daemon! Message will be deleted silently though.
* New recipient UI. after several days’s hard reversing, I finally managed to use the system UI components to display the recipients. More apple-ish Now!
* Save to draft
* Template customization
* Could remove the 1000 message capacity limit.

iSMS 1.0RC1 is not perfect, but it has been tested by 10K chinese iPhoners during the lunar chinese new year. So it should work for most of you. If you have any problems, please submit issue ticket at

Last but not least, Thanks for your interesting and please consider donate if you think it’s good. With your help, I believe I can make a killer SMS app for you.

– Shawn