jailbreakme.com has been updated! It contains AppSnapp which is brought to you by Conceited Software and will enable third party iPhone applications on your iPhone.


New! 2/1/08 Automatically oktoprep’s (for easy 1.1.2 upgrade functionality, no need to install the package anymore).
New! 2/1/08 Reduced footprint and optimized for speed. We got rid of over 700KB of data and optimized the new application with the new toolchain.
Fixed! 2/1/08 Now removes root.zip and youtube.zip (if present) from the root to make space for more music/apps.
Fixed! 2/1/08 Fixed reliability issues and .svn/__MACOSX directory creation.
Updated! 2/1/08 Installs Installer.app v3.0 on the iPhone/iPod Touch with Community Sources preinstalled.