With just Jiggy and a browser, you’ll be able to write an awesome iPhone application in a matter of minutes. JiggyApps run natively on the iPhone, so there is no messing around with HTML and the limitations of Mobile Safari. At the same time, you don’t need a compiler or even a Mac, because JiggyApps are written in JavaScript.


UITextField no longer has all the events it had before
– it only has onBecomeFirstResponder, onResignFirstResponder and onShouldInsertText
– the events it inherits from UIResponder are no longer valid
– this means that if, for example, you had code attached to its onTap handler it will no longer work
Added LKAnimation (you can now do flips, page curls and more)
– you can try it all out with the “superanimation” example (and look at the code)
Added UIView.addLayerAnimation
Fixed LKTransform to be initialized to the identity matrix
Added UIClippedImageView (tap events don’t seem to work)
UIHardware.statusBarHeight is now a read-write property.
Added global Application object
– change status bar modes
– set badges
– launch other applications, etc.
Added UISegmentedControl
Added UISliderControl
Added UISwitchControl
Added UIProgressIndicator
Added UIProgressBar
Added UIAlertSheet
Added UIImageAndTextTableCell
Added UIPickerView
Added UIPickerTableCell