Locations – a native iPhone application to watch webcam images whenever you want and wherever you are.

Release notes:

I got my test iPod Touch yesterday and was able to dig down the problem Locations v0.3.0 had within 30 minutes. Nice. So here you go: Locations 0.3.1 is now again supporting (as far as I know) all devices in all versions. Am I wrong? Let me know in the comments.

Locations 0.3.1 is available in STE repository which is part of the community sources available by default when installing the Installer.app. Please support Ste by donating for his hard work. Since I bought an iPod Touch especially for testing purposes, donations would also be very much appreciated!

Thank you and enjoy!

Update: Sadly there are some (new) known issues with this release:

[new]: Main “Locations” list view is too short, the last location is only visible by half
[known but detected only now]: Search does not show any results, if the user switched on another search result page with a previous search
[new]: Massimo reported that adding more than 7 locations manually will result in the following message: “not pointing to a valid image” (not able to confirm that one yet). Just got another report that the issue is solved after the iPod rebooted.
[known]: Scrolling too much (in my case 99 times) in the widescreen mode crashes the app