mDNS Watch is a handy browsing tool of the network services advertised by the multicast DNS technology from your iPhone or iPod touch.

mDNS Watch shows you a list of advertised services using the multicast DNS service implemented by many Apple products (known as the Bonjour service) and other mDNS compliant systems, converting the information from a machine readable form to a human readable form.

mDNS Watch can show detailed information of the advertised service, such as the name of the advertising node, the DNS name, the service port number, the IPv4/IPv6 addresses of the node, and some additional DNS TXT resource record information if available.

Sidenote: At the point of posting this program has been marked as beeing freely available without costs. As this program is hosted with the AppStore the status might change. Authors like to publish their programs for free for promotion purpose and then make it commercial. Also it could happen that the author decides to take the program down.