Mobile Chat is a chat application for iPhone’s. There are WIP news abou the upcomming v3 release.


Well, we’ve begun testing the MC 3.0 application and so far, everything we’ve claimed is a reality. Here’s the reality of our tests:
1. We had a conversation from a computer running Adium to an iPhone running MobileChat.
2. We chatted for about 20 minutes at which time, we restarted the iPhone.
3. MobileChat’s new backend went into play and it immediately began queuing the incoming messages for the iPhone.
4. As soon as the iPhone came back online and MobileChat was opened, the messages started coming down to the iPhone.
The person running Adium, had no idea the user’s iPhone was rebooted. They just thought the person was getting their IMs…and they were!
The new MobileChat truly re-defines instant messaging on the iPhone. We’re very happy with our tests and we’re excited to release the new version as soon as AppStore opens up. (Whenever that may be.)
Questions? Comments? Let us know what you think based on what you’ve heard so far!