Dallas Brown, coder of Mobile RSS is giving us more information about the upcomming Mobile RSS release:

For those of you Mobile RSS fans out there, I just wanted to let you know that even though things have been quiet on the Mobile RSS front, that things are not standing still. In fact it is the complete opposite. Things have been moving so quickly that I haven’t had the time to post a lot.

Mobile RSS v2.0 is underway. v2.0 is set to be the biggest release of Mobile RSS since, wel.l.. ever!

With version 2.0, Mobile RSS will go from a decent mobile RSS client, to a full fledge desktop like RSS reader in your pocket!

I am extremely excited about this release. Unfortunately I do not have a timeline for the release yet. Just know that I am moving as fast as I can.

My current GUESS, and trust me it is only a guess, is it should be ready in 2 weeks. Do not even try to hold me to that date though.

I will try and give you all some sneak peaks in the next little while, so be looking for that.

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