Sick of having to keep RSS feeds as bookmarks on the iPhone? Don’t like having to browse to a website to check your feeds? Ever wanted a native RSS reader on the iPhone/Touch? Well this project is here to fix all of that!

The goal of Mobile-RSS is to create a native iPhone application which will remember all your feeds and give you an easy interface for viewing, adding, and removing. Mobile-RSS is part of the MobileStudio.

Release notes:

Yes you read right… It looks as if I have found a solution to the dreaded item view text wrapping!

This solution lets us keep the working links and all that fun stuff, while at the same time wrapping the text to fit on the screen.

Basically what I am doing is throwing in a div around all the text and throwing a style sheet on that div where I set the width to 315px.

I have also been making a bunch of fixes to help with some of the crashing that has been happening, so that should be nice also.

I will be releasing the new version on the google code site within the hour, and I will get it sent off to be updated in right after that. Now how long that takes… well some times its fast and some times its slow… thats all I can say…