MobileChat is a multi instant messenger application for iPhone’s.


Removed libfiretalk/BBTOC
Integrated libpurple
Buddy Alias Support
New non-invasive IM notifications
New Protocol Support: .Mac, ICQ, GTalk, MSN
Complete overhaul to Conversaiton view. No more scrolling bugs. Bubble’s look like iChat’s now, no more extra padding.
Complete overhaul to Buddy List backend. Manages memory much better, should handle large buddy lists far better.
A lot of the memory management and leaks issues have been fixed.
Far more stable then previous versions
Ability to view an away message in “More” view
Added ability to keep EDGE alive.
Added ability to bring EDGE up when it’s down, you no longer need use safari to force it up
Completely redid the way Vibration and Sound notifications are handled for much better stability.
Uses new “Event” manager to deliver events between classes
Tons of other misc bug and stability fixes.
New icon from Louie Mantia