twenty08 are about the release MobileChat v2.1 this week…

Read on:

We’ll be release MobileChat 2.1 later this week/this weekend. It works fully on 1.1.3.This isn’t a major release, it’s more of a compatibility release with a few fixes and a feature add:
– Works on 1.1.3
– DNS Issue that plagued 1.x and 2.0 has been resolved.
– BSD Subsystem dependency should be gone.
– Added support for XMPP
– Tweaked GTalk settings
– Sign On progress notifications (as seen in screenshots)
– Disconnect Notification: if you get kicked off, or you can’t sign on, you’ll be alerted now

AIM is working fine, the hold up is with XMPP/GTalk. While we resolved the DNS issues that really held both services back during the initial release of 2.0, we’re running into issues with authentication on both services now. We’re exploring the option of upgrading to libpurple 2.3, and have it 95% compiled on the iPhone at this point. Should only be another few days to finish up the port of libpurple to the iPhone and then upgrading the method calls in the application.

I’m sure the AIM users are going to be saying “I don’t care about XMPP, I want it now” however, believe me, a newly compiled libpurple on the iPhone will definitely improve performance.

Stay tuned guys!

Oh, and for those of you who really can’t wait for us to release this later this week, SVN Revision 72 works fine for AIM.