Here are some work in progress news from the iPhone chat application “MobleChat”.


I haven’t posted in a while, so I figured I’d give everyone an update on MobileChat and how we plan to create a sustainable product for our users and us.

A lot of big things have been happening in the iPhone development community and with the release of iPhone Firmware 2.0 coming soon and potentially a 3G iPhone, there’s almost too much going on to keep track of. Everyone wants to know what’s going on with MobileChat, and the simple answer is: a lot.

Here’s a sneak peak of what’s been going on…

MobileChat is being completely re-thought and re-designed from the ground up. I can’t really get into the specifics right now, as we’re still in mid-swing with this thing; but here’s some of the problems we’ve solved with this upcoming release:
1. EDGE Connection Reliability – Previously, MobileChat only worked flawlessly on WiFi, where it had a stable solid connection, and even WiFi was a bit sketchy. Now, thanks to a great new architecture, that’s no longer a problem. Zero Bars? No big deal, MobileChat won’t disconnect you or drop your connection if you lose your signal. All of your messages queue up until you’re ready to receive them.

2. Memory Hog – MobileChat couldn’t run more than 15 minutes without crashing your iPhone/iPod. That’s no longer an issue with the latest version and it doesn’t use any more memory than the native applications distributed by Apple.
3. Sign Offs on Suspend – While the newer versions of MobileChat addressed this issue a bit, we never really got it right. Until now at least. You can even go as far as killing MobileChat’s process manually and you still won’t lose your connection until you explicitly tell the application you want to sign off.

Expected Release will be in-line with the new 2.0 firmware; which should be around June.

That’s it for now… I’m sure Shaun will have more for you guys soon.