MobileScrobbler connects your Apple iPhone or iPod Touch with the social music website. As you listen to music on your device, MobileScrobbler sends the title, artist, and album to the website. uses this information to suggest new music, new friends, concerts, and events based on the music you listen to.


Scrobble tracks as you listen on your iPhone / iPod touch
Queues songs for submission when offline and automatically submits them the next time you connect
Listen to radio over EDGE or wifi
Tag songs as ‘love’ or ‘ban’
View album artwork and artist data for songs as you listen
View lyrics for the currently playing song
View upcoming concert events and add them to your calendar
All data is cached for offline viewing
Browse your friends and listen to their radio stations
Integrated with the iPhone / iPod Touch settings application
Multitouch gestures to ban, love, and skip tracks
View your top artists, top tracks, and top albums
Ban and love tracks from the Recent Tracks list
Browse a top listener’s profile by tapping their username
Display arbitrary track metadata by passing command line arguments -track, -artist, and -album


Bugfix release for users unable to install on firmware jailbroken with ZiPhone 2.6