MobileTwitter is an iPhone/iPod Touch client for Twitter.


The Update View has been redesigned and moved. It is no longer on the button bar at the bottom of the screen, but exists on the top right corner of every view. Clicking the “Update” button will slide the update view down over your current view. No more mis-clicking on buttons while going for the spacebar.

Settings view reorganized, with new options

Enable/Disable secure connections. This was enabled by default under the hood, but some users are experiencing connection problems, disabling secure connections may help.

MobileTwitter now automatically checks for new @replies and direct messages, displaying the new number on the button bar for Messages. The “Messages” view has been updated to show this count, and also include the “>” arrow for each menu option. Any new @replies will show up with a blue sphere beside them (similar to and new messages)

New menu option when tapping tweets: View user’s tweets. This loads the users 20 most recent tweets.

New springboard icon.

Black UI

Manual “Reload” button on each tab

Smaller font for tweets seems to help with fitting all the text in one box hopefully no more trailing “…”s on tweet texts.

Manually reloading a view will now make sure the view scrolls to the top

Public Timeline renamed to “Everyone” in accordance with changes

Many under the hood core changes.