News from doblezeta:

Here’s a new interesting app for the iPhone that gives it a Minority report like interface demo for image rotation and scaling.

MultiTouch v 0.1.1

To Install, you need to add the source in your’s sources.
To do this:
tap sources
tap edit
tap add
tap ok
wait for sources to refresh
tap install
look for multitap under the category
install multiTouch.

Enjoy your iPhone’s Minority Report-like interface and view of NY Twin Towers Ground Zero

But wait! There’s more! for those who wish to edit the default picture shown by the app (i changed mine to a googlearth view of Rockwell Center) follow these instructions:
Requires MultiTap to already be installed on your iPhone!
Requires knowledge of SSHing to your iPhone

1) Download and Install Pixer (Mac Only, I;m sure Windows also has a nifty pixel changer application

2) Choose your desired picture to appear in MultiTouch.
TIP: Use GoogleEarth and use screenshot (Apple-shift-4 on Macs) to make and use a GoogleEarth image.

Since the image has to be a .jpg file with resolution of
797 x 737
and preferably (but not required)
72 pixels per inch,

Here’s where Pixer comes useful. Launch Pixer and choose the picture file you want, then convert it to a 797 x 737 jpg. save to desktop.

rename the .jpg file that Pixer just created to: WTC_skyview.jpg

TIP: Images that are originally close to a 797x 737 (almost a square shape) will work best.

3) Launch your SSH application on your computer.(Fugu or Cyberduck for Mac, WinSCP for Windows)
Login to your iPhone
Navigate to the iPhone’s /Applications/ Directory
Drop the WTC_skyview.jpg file you created (from your desktop), to the iPhone’s /Applications/ directory.
You should get an alert whether you want to overwrite IF your dropped the WTC_skyview.jpg file onto the right directory. Click Overwrite.
Close Fugu
Restart iPhone.

Enjoy your customized MultiTouch. 😉

Great app that shows you the potential of our beloved iPhones. Imagine if future games implement this feature. I can imagine a port of SilentScope working well with this interface. =)