is a Nintendo emulator for Apple’s iPhone. uses a modified version of the popular InfoNES emulation core to mimic the 6502 processor in a Nintendo Entertainment System, allowing you to play ROM dumps of games designed for the NES console. ROM dumps are files containing the dumped instruction code from a physical cartridge. In many cases, you are legally entitled to posess a ROM dump of any game that you presently own. ROM images for NES are widely available online, or with the appropriate hardware, you can dump them yourself directly from the cartridge. started as a fork of iPhoneNES v0.01, but has been completely rewritten to run very fast, and with many additional features including full sound, game genie codes, saved games, battery-saved ram support, and full screen support.

Changes since v1.4.1:

[nervegas] Added Jordan’s Sprite Y code to nonproduction work copy
[nervegas] Backed up “stable” production code to NESCoreProduction.c
[nervegas] Force four-screen mirroring when detected (Rad Racer 2)
[nervegas] Scanline fix by incrementing before rendering – This might be a hack, but appears to have something to do with the junk scanline before rendering; winds up fixing Rad Racer, Rad Racer 2, and Asterix’ palette.
[nervegas] Tweaked right directional pad hot sot in landscape/full