This is an African Board game commonly played in West Africa. The board has 2 rows of 6 holes. Each player owns one of the two rows and may select any hole to move. The game starts with 4 stones in each hole. Play alternates between the players each taking a turn. In a turn a player selects one of the 6 holes in the row closest to him. He removes all the stones, and places them, one each, in successive holes starting with the hole to the right of the one just selected and working counterclockwise around the “circle”. For our purposes the 12 holes make a “circle”.

If the final stone is placed in a hole containing exactly three stones the player removes and wins all four stones and his turn terminates. If the final stone is placed on an empty hole the players turn terminates. If the stone is placed on any other number of stones the player removes all the stones from the hole and repeats the process. If, in adding the stones a hole becomes four and its not the last stone in a turn then the owner of the land wins the stones. The game ends when there are only 4 stones left on the board and the last player wins the 4 stones.