ZodTTD, porter of Exophase’s Gameboy Advance emulator to the iPhone, posted some interesting information on his page.

Read on:

Work has begun on two projects involving emulating Playstation 1 (PS1) games on the iPhone, iTouch, and GP2X. I am involved with both projects, and will outline both.

psx4all – This project has a lot of time and work placed into it. It is already a featured emulator within the GP2X community. The GP2X is a great handheld for homebrew gaming, and I proudly display the gp2x-store banner ad above. psx4all is already ready to go, and I have it compiled for the iPhone already. This is the quickest way to get Playstation on the iPhone for me. It’s a complete emulator with sound, compressed ISO support, fairly fast, memory card support, and save states.

yapse4all – This project is currently a “work in progress”. It has a lot of potential. It’s code is clean and efficient, and written completely from the ground up for handhelds and dynamic recompilation. This project will take longer to complete than psx4all, but will have better performance in the long run. I am looking forward to help push yapse4all forward.

So in short, psx4all can bring PS1 emulation to the iPhone/iTouch while yapse4all is being developed alongside. 🙂

A lot of code in psx4all needs to be ripped out and redone, and I am able to produce a much nicer dynamic recompiler over my current one for this emulator to speed up performance. Other psx4all platforms will benefit from this and yapse as well. 🙂

Hold on tight, playstation emulation is on its way.