The Protocols and Applications Guide provides a gateway to a whole world of information for scientists. Here you will find quick access to technical tips, example data, experimental protocols and multimedia presentations covering most common laboratory procedures. Routine molecular, cell biology and protein analysis procedures are covered extensively, with illustrations, example protocols and links to further reading. The app is divided into chapters, each covering a key technique or research area. Each chapter begins with an overview of the topic, followed by detailed protocol information and links to further resources. A comprehensive range of topics are covered –from basic amplification techniques to real-time PCR, from simple cell-based assays to complex imaging techniques, and from simple protein expression to more involved protein interactions assays. A key feature of this app is the availability of updates as scientific discovery progresses.


Step-by-step protocols
Illustrations and example data
Extensive background information
Animated movies demonstrating key techniques and cellular events
Regular content updates
Links to citations and other useful laboratory tools