The first private beta of PSX4iPhone is ready, here is what ZODTTD wrote on his page:

The first private beta of psx4iphone is ready! It’s been a lot of work, and a lot of time debugging. There’s still A LOT more work to be done as well.

For those who donated and haven’t received your email with the thank you note and the password needed to unzip the release linked below it may be due to spam filters.

Please send an email to helpttd @ with subject “psx4iphone” and it will be resent.

Here is the (password protected) test build v0.0.1 of psx4iphone for those who have donated to ZodTTD:

More performance, compatibility and features to come.

Also of note, other psx4all platforms should be seeing an update come along soon as well. 🙂

psx4iphone is an unofficial Sony Playstation 1 emulator for the Apple iPhone and iPod Touch.

It is currently in its alpha stages but is being worked on at a feverish pace to bring the iPhone and iTouch to the forefront of gaming.

The emulator has seen it’s first private release, v0.0.1, to those who have donated to the authors various projects.

It should see a rapid development rate similar to gpSPhone, the authors Gameboy Advance port of an emulator for the same set of Apple platforms.

For more information, the official homepage of psx4iphone and gpSPhone is

From the included readme.txt:

psx4iphone v0.0.1 (Private version for donators)
Port By ZodTTD
Portions based on psx4all by Unai, Chui, Tinnus, and ZodTTD

psx4iphone is an unofficial Sony Playstation 1 emulator for the Apple iPhone and iPod Touch.

To install:
1. Unzip and extract to /Applications/ on your iPhone or iTouch.
2. You should now have a /Applications/ directory with the supplied application files.
3. psx4iphone support the following game formats:
.BIN (“RAW” rip from tools such as CDRDAO and CloneCD)
.IMG (such as from CloneCD)
.Z (from PocketISO compressed BIN files)
Currently NOT supported but will be soon:
4. As of version 0.0.1 a BIOS is NOT needed. This may change as testing of BIOS emulation continues.
5. Games go in /var/root/Media/ROMs/PSX/
6. If that directory is not there, create it.

To use:
1. Run psx4iphone and choose a ROM or goto Settings.
2. In Settings you can choose frameskip options, mute sound, and turn off the default interlacing.
3. After choosing a ROM, it will run. If a game is not compatible it will most likely crash to Springboard right about then.
4. Assuming the game format is correct and the game is compatible things will run now.
5. The default skin has L1 L2 MENU R2 R1 at the top. The bottom left has the dpad. The bottom right has the 4 PS1 hardbuttons in an 8way configuration so combos of the buttons can be used. The bottom middle has SELECT and START.
6. There is currently no support for saving. This will be fixed shortly.

Known issues:
1. Compatibility is lower than expected due to use of BIOS emulation. This will either be fixed or replaced depending on this testing.
2. Performance can be too slow. The dynarec is being worked on and performance should keep increasing.
3. Sound can be bad. This can be due to a few different issues, including poor performance.
4. Glitches in graphics can be due to some performance tweaks done by Unai of psx4all. Depending on reports from testers, they can be fixed.
5. The right button of the default skin’s dpad is too far to the right. This will be fixed by release.

Thanks to ZODTTD himself for the news.