ZODTTD posted some news about his Playstation 1 emulator PSX4iPhone on his page.

Here is the quote:

Hello from ZodTTD!

As I had said in the beginning of the psx4iphone project, I would be working on another Sony Playstation 1 emulator alongside it. This upcoming emulator should increase performance quite a lot over the current psx4iphone. This upcoming emulator is being lead by Hlide, a very talented programmer. He even contributed some of the generator of the psx4all project’s dynamic recompiler!

Now it’s time for me to return the favor and help him bring his project to ARM platforms such as the iPhone. Hlide’s project is titled yapse4all (YAPSE- Yet Another PlayStation Emulator) and though in it’s early stages, it shows so much promise that I would like to bring some of his framework and dynarec over to psx4all. Since yapse4all currently lacks important device emulation such as the Graphics Processing Unit, Sound Processing Unit, and etc., I am able to extend yapse4all into psx4iphone. It would help Hlide by getting the ARM implementation completed, and help me by improving the core of psx4iphone. Eventually yapse4all will be in a more complete state, and could then maintain his own, more advanced, ARM arch which could take advantage of things currently not possible in psx4all such as threaded devices.

So basically if Hlide doesn’t mind this being done, soon psx4iphone could get a very large update due to his excellent work and my extension of it.

Lots of work to be done, but piece by piece it’s getting there!