PuzzleManiak is a port of the marvelous Simon Tatham’s Portable Puzzle Collection on Nintendo DS. All 27 games are ported on NDS: Tents, Dominosa, Mines, Bridges, Light Up (aka Akari), Pattern (aka Picross), Net (aka Netwalk), Untangle (aka Planarity), Sudoku (aka Solo), Galaxies, Slitherlink (aka Loopy), Blackbox, Mastermind (aka Guess), Map, Filling, Solitaire (aka Pegs), Sixteen, Fifteen, Slant, Rectangles, Netslide, Samegame, Unequal, Flip, Inertia, Twiddle and Pyramid (adaptation of Cube).

Release notes:

New feature added:
– while playing, double tap on the navigation bar to hide top nav bar and bottom icons, double tap on the remaining nav bar to show them back.

So you won’t have any excuse anymore to press the ‘new’ button by mistake. Should be available soon on Installer. If you like this puzzle collection, you might click on the ads, or make a donation 🙂